Sexual Health Improvement Program (SHIP)

UCSF 360 created SHIP to serve HIV-negative people who are at risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Launched in 2014, the program provides a safe space for clients to address their sexual health goals and access HIV prevention tools like PrEP.

What is PrEP?

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a powerful new strategy in which HIV-negative people take a daily oral pill to dramatically reduce their risk for HIV infection. The drug currently FDA-approved for PrEP is Truvada, a two-drug combination pill that has been used for HIV treatment for more than a decade.


The HIV Drug Stopping Aids In Its Tracks, by Journeyman Pictures, featuring UCSF 360 provider and UCSF researcher Dr. Robert Grant.


How SHIP Helps

SHIP offers a safe space for HIV-negative individuals to discuss sex and sexual health, and to decide whether PrEP is right for them. By increasing PrEP awareness and access, UCSF 360 is improving our clients’ well-being and helping the San Francisco Bay Area get to zero new HIV infections.


Gay and bisexual men

PrEP is a responsible choice for HIV prevention. It offers relief from anxiety around HIV risk and greater intimacy and pleasure during sex. In San Francisco alone, up to 15% of gay and bi men had taken PrEP by the end of 2014.


SHIP clients can speak freely and safely with our team of providers about the kind of sex they have—or want to have—and how PrEP might help them enjoy sex more, improve their sexual relationships, and reach their wellness goals.


Other men and women

Cisgender and transgender men and women of all sexual orientations are warmly welcomed at SHIP. Our team works closely with all clients to help meet their current goals for sexual wellness and healthy sexual relationships.  


Safer conception

PrEP is an opportunity for mixed-HIV-status partners and co-parenting individuals to safely conceive and start a family. PrEP is an opportunity to protect an HIV-negative partner during sex, offering greater intimacy and safer conception.


Our team of providers works with one or more partners to address sexual health and conception goals. SHIP clients also have access to expert prenatal and obstetrical care through our network of providers at UCSF Medical Center. 


Learn more about PrEP at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's official PrEP website.


You've Got Options

Dr. Grant and other HIV specialists at UCSF 360 are available to assist your provider with PEP and PrEP in multiple ways:

  • Full management: UCSF 360 will evaluate indications and initiate and monitor PEP and PrEP as warranted, or
  • Co-management: UCSF 360 will evaluate indications, initiate PEP and PrEP, and refer you back to your referring provider for follow-up care, or
  • E-consult: UCSF 360 will soon provide consultation regarding PEP and PrEP indications, HIV testing, complications, drug interactions, seroconversion, and other clinical matters


Other Services

In addition to PrEP access, SHIP offers a range of sexual health services and opportunities:

  • HIV testing 
  • HIV prevention counseling
  • Screening and treatment for other sexually transmitted infections
  • Sexual health and well-being assessment
  • Access to PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis)
  • Evaluation and treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Evaluation and treatment of orgasmic dysfunction
  • Assistance with safer conception
  • Opportunity to get a primary care provider
  • Access to clinic mental health services and counseling, as needed

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