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Thank you for choosing UCSF 360 Wellness Center. 

We're happy to provide e-consults and co-management of your patients.

Patients may be referred to our practice for evaluation, recommendations and/or management of: HIV care plans and medications, hepatitis C and HIV co-infection, HIV and aging issues, and sexual health services, including HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.


Patients may be referred for one-time consultation, short-term consultation, or longer-term co-management. Consultations may include a combination of in-person, phone, and telehealth sessions—whatever best meets the needs of you and your patient. To refer a patient for a consult, please complete a referral form and fax it to (415) 353-2406 or call (415) 353-2119.


Please include the following information with your referral:

  • The reason for your referral
  • A copy of the patient's insurance card and HMO authorization (if applicable)
  • Pertinent clinical information, including clinic notes and recent labs
  • Any HIV resistence testing, HLA-B*5701 typing, and hepatitis C genotype results (if applicable)

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