Men of Color Program & Black Health Center of Excellence

The Men of Color Program (MOCP) was launched in 2002 to meet the treatment needs of HIV-positive men of color in San Francisco, particularly African-American men, and to address HIV-related health disparities in communities of color.

Because of our success, we were subsequently invited to be part of the Black Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE)—a collaboration with San Francisco AIDS Foundation and San Francisco General Hospital Black Health Program—to engage and retain HIV-positive African-American men and women in San Francisco in comprehensive care and services.

Barriers to Care in Communities of Color 

People of color are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS across the United States. Alarmingly, Black Americans represent less that 14% of the U.S. population yet account for approximately 50% of all people living with HIV/AIDS, new cases of HIV infection, new AIDS cases, and annual deaths from HIV/AIDS in the United States. Lower economic status, lower retention in educational systems, lack of adequate health insurance, HIV stigma and fear, and other barriers contribute to lower engagement in HIV prevention and care and poorer HIV health outcomes in many communities of color.


How MOCP Helps 

At MOCP, any HIV-positive man of color in the San Francisco area can access the highest-quality care and services in a welcoming space with culturally aware, expert providers.


We collaborate with community partner organizations to create a comprehensive treatment plan to address medical and social needs and provide culturally competent supportive services—including space to listen to our patients' concerns and hopes for their health, and innovative tools and educational and support groups designed to bring HIV-positive men of color into a longer-term relationship with the health care system.


Through the Black Health Center of Excellence, we expand our services to more Black men and women in San Francisco living with HIV. By addressing HIV health disparities in communities of color, MOCP/BHCOE is helping our patients achieve their best health and wellness and bringing San Francisco Bay Area closer to zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS diagnoses, and zero stigma.


Our Services

MOCP/BHCOE offers a range of health services:

  • HIV treatment: treatment plan development and medication management
  • Primary care: health care maintenance, patient education, management of acute illnesses, and immunizations
  • Mental health services: diagnosis, treatment, and short-term counseling
  • Social work services: psychosocial assessments and mental health and substance abuse treatment referrals
  • Intensive case management: assistance with housing, transportation, food, benefits, and legal needs
  • Peer support/advocacy: assistance navigating health care appointments, home visits, outreach to clients in the community
  • HIV pharmacist suport: on-site medication and adherence support
  • Nutrition counseling: on-site nutrition counseling
  • Support groups: weekly heterosexual support group and referrals to community groups
  • Health education programs: on-site educational programing and breakfast every Thursday morning 
  • Referrrals to UCSF specialists: pain managment, psychiatry, physical therapy, and more
  • Face-to-face, phone and telehealth visits: appointments are available in person or by phone or video using simple technology


Contact Details


350 Parnassus Ave #908,
San Francisco, CA 94143, United States


(415) 353-2119

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