Learn More: Urban HIV Telemedicine Program (UHTP)

HIV disease brings complex challenges such as daily treatment adherence, mental health issues, and metabolic changes, but accessing specialty care can be difficult for patients with limited mobility or financial means and time constraints.


How UHTP helps

Through real-time videoconferencing, UHTP brings HIV specialty services to patients at local community clinics and rural health care centers, and at home. Patients have access to confidential, face-to-face meetings with UCSF 360’s expert providers in a range of fields—without leaving their preferred location.


Complementing our Men of Color Program and the Silver Project, UHTP extends UCSF 360’s reach into underserved communities and cost-effectively improves health outcomes for these patients.


Our services

UHTP connects patients with a range of specialty services:

  • HIV specialist consultation: treatment plan recommendations and more
  • HIV pharmacist consultation: medication review, adherence support, and more
  • Mental health services: diagnosis, treatment, and short-term counseling
  • Nutrition counseling: general nutritional health and special needs support

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350 Parnassus Ave #908,
San Francisco, CA 94143, United States


(415) 353-2119

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