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People age 50 and older with HIV make up a growing population, both in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the United States. The Silver Project helps UCSF 360 meet the needs of HIV-positive people age 50 and beyond with tailored, comprehensive care plans and services.

Aging with HIV

Whether diagnosed at a later age or living longer with the virus, older adults with HIV face complex challenges. Researchers and health care providers are working to understand how HIV and its treatment interact with the physical, social, and psychological effects of aging.



How the Silver Project Helps

The Silver Project studies and addresses the health issues people with HIV experience at older ages. Patients undergo health assessments in four key areas:

  • Physical capacity, including the ability to perform tasks of daily living
  • Social well-being, such as social network or isolation
  • Psychological wellness, including depression and anxiety
  • Brain-related changes, such as cognitive decline and dementia


By studying these and other factors related to overall wellness—including exercise, sexual function, financial stability, and substance use—our providers can tailor care plans and services to the needs and priorities of our HIV-positive patients as they grow older. Initial findings at UCSF 360 and our project partners at UCSF Positive Health Program suggest this population experiences higher rates of falls and other functional deficits, depression and anxiety, loneliness, low social support, and mild-moderate decreased cognitive performance that can affect overall health and wellness.


Our Services

The Silver Project offers participants a range of services:

  • HIV treatment: treatment plan development and medication management by HIV specialists
  • Primary care: health care maintenance, patient education, and management of acute illnesses
  • HIV pharmacist services: medication review, recommendations, and adherence support
  • Nutrition counseling: general nutritional health and special needs support
  • Mental health services: diagnosis, treatment, and short-term counseling
  • Geriatrician support: preventative care to help older adults maintain functional independence
  • Multidisciplinary team: review of results with recommendations by pharmacist, dietitian, psychiatrist, geriatrician, and more
  • Annual wellness visit: review of Silver Project assessment and specialist recommendations and development of a 5-year health plan
  • Referral to relevant UCSF specialists: Memory and Aging Center, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, and more
  • Linkage to community services for HIV and Aging: San Francisco AIDS Foundation Elizabeth Taylor 50 Plus Network, The Shanti Project, Openhouse and more

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